Why Is China Investing Billions Across Africa? The Red Dragon is Fearless


In Kenya, a new multi-billion-dollar railway connects one corner of the mountainous country to the other. Kenya is a country that formerly took days to travel across by car, but now people can begin their days on the coast and spend the evening in the valley. So why would the Chinese suddenly take an interest in improving the transportation system in the nation of Kenya? First, realize that their investment is exactly that – an infusion of cash that is expected to pay off in dividends, even if it is a gamble. Experts with an online degree in political science have taken notice of the fact that the Chinese are becoming very heavily invested in Africa. In fact, there are millions of native Chinese who have already immigrated to the continent of Africa in hopes of starting their own businesses and strengthening relationships with locals.

Why Africa Is Considered the Last Frontier

There is a total of 54 countries in Africa – that’s more states than there are in the United States. Each country has its own leader, political system, peace and trade agreements. Some countries are known for tourism while others are hotbeds for terrorist activities. In order to feel comfortable spending time dealing with different governments in Africa, you need to have earned a masters in political science online. Generally, outsiders know less about Africa, but politicians and their advisers are very well educated about Western matters.

The Chinese Are Getting More Out of Investing in Africa

Although China has become a big influence in various African nations, it hasn’t pulled out of other markets that are seen as being more stable. For instance, Chinese investors are still buying high-end real estate in New York City in their droves. China is still an ally of North Korea and has a long-standing trade agreement with the hermit-like nation. It is obvious that China sees a huge opportunity for steady growth in African nations that are still developing.

How Opinions About World Powers Are Changing

Most countries in Africa have been colonized by the British, the French, the Germans, Spanish, or another European nation. The majority of countries in Africa that were colonized are also independent now, but the influence of their colonizers can be seen in everything from their languages to their mannerisms. China is seen as a friend rather than a conqueror. It is also seen as a super world power, as it has managed to grow to a size of more than one billion in population. The Chinese have gone to Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, and Mozambique with offers to invest and make trade agreements. The attention is flattering and shows that there are valid reasons to believe that even countries who have had long periods of social unrest can become more wealthy and powerful.

As Russia, the United States, Japan, and North Korea teeter around with the threat of war and the use of nuclear weapons, China is looking to expand. Africa is not only far away from these conflicts; it is on the cusp of greatness. It isn’t hard to see why China is continuing to invest in Africa.

Source: China Economic Review

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