Latest news! Board that will connect Maputo-Katembe bridge already in Maputo


It was around 1:30 p.m. when the ship carrying the 57 modules of the bridge board arrived at the port of Maputo, confirming one of the most important steps for the execution of this public work, which is among the largest to be built in the country. Silva Magaia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Maputo Sul Company, the company that is in charge of the construction of the Maputo-Katembe Bridge, describes the arrival of the board as the main stage, as the structure will start to take shape in a few days, one month.

The start of the assembly of the board is scheduled for tomorrow, since, even today, minutes after the arrival of the trays, some of the tests for this purpose were carried out.


However, doubts about the date of completion of the works prevail, since situations occurred that led to a slight delay. Still, it is not ruled out the possibility of the bridge being ready by the end of this year, which not to run, the deadline goes to the beginning of 2018.

catembe bridge.jpg

The Maputo-Katembe Bridge is budgeted at $ 725 million and will span about three kilometers, with four lanes for the circulation of vehicles, and a road to Ponta D’Ouro.

Source: Opais

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