Mozambican Interior Minister demands police stop mistreating tourists


Mozambican Interior Minister Basílio Monteiro says the Mozambican police must stop mistreating tourists, because such practices are harmful to the country’s image.

“We have registered many complaints from tourists about our agents’ attitude, and must urgently rethink strategies aimed at ending these situations,” the daily Notícias quotes Monteiro as saying.

Speaking during the inauguration of new National Migration Service (SENAMI) staff, Monteiro said that the spread of images of police extorting money from tourists or otherwise disturbing them have generated a negative image of Mozambique as a tourist destination.

“These acts are often recorded using audiovisual means and then disseminated throughout the world with the speed that information and information technologies provide, creating an image that is unfavorable to the normal flow of tourists,” the Mozambican interior minister said.

Agents of law and order who come in contact with tourists, Monteiro continued, should be guided by standards of good service and treat tourists courteously, always within the framework of Mozambican laws.

Source: Lusa

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