Beira’s public transport company operates with only five buses and invoices less than 70,000 meticais per day


More than one hundred employees of Beira Public Transport (TPB) reported, through letters to the governor of Sofala, maltreatment, lack of payment of back wages, poor management and poor communication between them and the management committee of the company .

Yesterday, Helena Taipo decided to make a surprise visit to the company (TPB). After visiting the facilities of the public carrier, the governor of Sofala held a brief meeting with officials and managers of the company, where he found that the accusations were true. Moreover, the governor discovered other problems, such as the wage discrepancy: in the same company, there are workers who receive a monthly salary of around 2,000 meticais and others with more than 90,000 meticais.

With a current fleet of five buses, the company is producing around 70,000 meticais daily. “Our situation is so serious that in recent months the company has no longer been able to produce tickets. We’re resorting to tickets from years past, where we just put a stamp on the back. The managers of the company have not been able to invest in equipment for the revision of the vehicles for months. You see, when they took office, we had 16 buses and today we only operate with five, “said João Tembo, one of the officials.

Helena Taipo was disappointed with the company’s managers and assured that she will take action.

“I’ve already captured the pay slips. It is strange this discrepancy of wages, in a public company that produces little. The management committee when introduced in my office, some time ago, assured me that it would work to improve the management of this company. Unfortunately, today we are managing problems and with a clearly harmful management. I will work with TPB managers and if we confirm that they are mainly responsible for the difficulties and problems that the company is going through, we will take action, “said the governor.

Addressing the workers, Helena Taipo called on them to work to keep the company “healthy” in all respects and to spare no effort in finding solutions to the problems.

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