Meet some of the Mozambican projects government presented to investors in Tete

Mozambique Projects


In meetings with business people and financial entities from Mozambique and abroad, held in Tete at the Forum on Infrastructures, various ministries presented projects which feature in the government’s 2015-2019 Five Year Programme and for which they hope to find investors.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security intends to raise funds for five irrigation systems, the most ambitious being the 75,000-hectare, one-billion-dollar Zambezi River valley project.

“Our immediate project is to rehabilitate and build about 300,000 hectares of irrigated land in eight priority river basins, namely Rovuma, Lúrio, Melúli, Licungo, Zambezi, Búzi, Limpopo and Maputo,” President Nyusi said.

The head of state described this infrastructure as “the driving force for increasing agricultural production and productivity” as well as of “marketing levels”.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications presented six projects, including the most ambitious of all – a rail connection between the north to south of the country budgeted at US$20 billion intended to connect existing railway lines and ports.

More specialized projects include an airport village in Nacala and a technology park in Mocuba, Zambézia.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy presented four projects: a hydroelectric plant in the centre (Manica province) and three major energy transmission lines and related projects in different regions.

Among these lines is one budgeted at US$1.5 billion to connect a gas plant in Temane, Inhambane province, to Maputo and Matola, making new industrial enterprises possible and facilitating the export of energy to South Africa.

The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources presented projects for five roads, construction of six housing areas and four dams.

“The time to invest in our potential is now. There has never been a better one, I assure you,” the president told investors.


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