Nyusi launches $1.3 billion road project – Watch



President Filiple Nyusi has officially launched the construction of $1.3 billion road linking the city of Lichinga and the Cuamba in the northern Niassa province. The ceremony took place in Ngauma district on Tuesday marking the realization of a dream of several generations of Mozambicans.

According to state-controlled Radio Mozambique, the funding is provided by the Mozambican government in partnership with the African Development Bank ( AfDB) and the Japanese Agency for International Development, (JICA).

“Asphalting marks the realization of a multi-generational dream and is one of the great commitments of this cycle of governance,” the Mozambican leader was quoted as saying by the state broadcaster.

For President Nyusi, the infrastructure, which will boost development, lives up to the Mozambican slogan “From Rovuma to Maputo”, a national unity slogan intended to bring all Mozambicans together.

Nyusi urged contractors to monitor works with care and professionalism as a way to ensure quality and that the road is really a reference of the current cycle of governance.

On the other hand, he urged the population to be vigilant denouncing opportunists in favor of the conservation of equipment and the way itself.

Mozambique has embarked on a drive for the improvement of roads most of which were severely damaged during the 16-year civil war between the ruling socialist Frelimo government against apartheid-backed Renamo rebels which ended in 1992 after a peace deal in Rome.

Ground transport in the southern African nation has always been difficult, making distances across this vast country a major challenge to cover.

Source: APA /TVM

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