500 driving licenses cancelled after test fraud uncovered in Nampula


More than 500 driving license theory examinations carried out between June of last year and January of this year have been cancelled by the National Institute of Land Transport (INATTER) in the Mozambican province of Nampula due to fraud.

According to INATTER, applicants paid examiners and guards in the examination rooms to let them cheat.

In 2014, INATTER introduced a system of multimedia exams to guarantee security and transparency and to fight corruption in the institution. But although candidates’ fingerprints were computer scanned, many were reportedly able to circumvent the system and obtain passes fraudulently.

Commission of Inquiry

Now a note has ordered the suspension of the examinations and ordered the candidates involved to take a new exam one year after the first one.

The provincial director of Transport and Communications in Nampula, Francisco Bonzo, did not give details, but confirmed the irregularities and said an inquiry team had been set up to investigate the case.

In the last 12 months, 211 road accidents were registered in Nampula province. Although numbers are down compared to previous years, road users are concerned that drivers without licenses constitute a major threat to road safety.

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