EDM finds more than 300 ghost employees, one ‘boss’ for every four workers – CEO

ghost workers_1

A series of institutional reforms aimed at improving EDMs operational and financial performance has lead to the discovery of more than 300 ghost employees receiving monthly salaries and other benefits, the company’s chairman announced.

According to EDM chairman Mateus Magala, the new administration has found there to be too many managers in the institution. Magala says figures show the company has three thousand workers, of whom 700 held senior positions, which means that there was one boss for every four workers.

A revision of functional organization has reduced this to 250 leadership positions, and trimmed the number of directors from 74 to 34.

“For example, in every province, we have a chief financial officer and a director of human resources,” Magala said. “From now on we will have only one director for the two departments, and operations will be centralized and conducted using information and communication technologies.”

EDM has launched a public internal and external tender for the recruitment of staff to fill vacancies as directors and heads of services in the new organizational structure. “We are looking for talent, and since we do not know anyone, we have chosen to launch the competition because we want the process to be transparent and inclusive. So we are appealing to all those who meet the requirements demanded by EDM to come forward and compete for the available positions,” Magala said.

The reforms were also implemented in procurement, where each province had its own procurement management unit, “but now it has two committees, one for services and another for the technical area,” Magala said.

The measures undertaken have also permitted improvements in the financial management of the company, Magala says, and this month it will published the company report and accounts, something that always used to happen after a delay of 11 months.

Source: O País

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