The secret of justice in Mozambique

“What is the reason for a normal audit process, and as part of a normal audit process, to be kept out of public access?” Asked Ericino de Salema, one of the commentators on the Point of View program, released on Sunday by STV . The jurist is of the opinion that “the legal community and society in general should discuss this matter, because we have two conflicting rights and an entire society can not be prejudiced.”

Tomás Vieira Mário also opposes the decision of the Attorney General’s Office not to divulge the report immediately. Vieira Mário says it is still inconceivable to keep the report a secret, in the name of the secret of justice. “The secret of justice is when there is a process under investigation and, in the meantime, it is prevented that the information contained therein is not published, so as not to dissipate evidence or to alert possible parties involved. But it can not be said that as soon as the report arrived there is a secret of justice.

Commentators on the weekly analysis program also criticized the President’s attitude during visits to state institutions. They say that Philip Nyusi should not be limited to pointing out problems, solutions must be found. “We can always criticize and find problems, but if there is not an efficient system in which the whole world is reviewed and that allows us to monitor, we will continue to talk about the same issues,” said Tomás Vieira Mário.

Vieira Mário also said that the head of state can not criticize the bodies that he directs as if he were from the opposition. “As long as there is no matrix of solutions, problems can be identified every day as we have done. But, we asked, where do we go after this? “He said.

In order to elucidate the complexity of the processes and the need to restructure the way the public thing works, Ericino de Salema recalled that during the visit to the National Social Security Institute (INSS), the president himself mentioned that a company had already contacted him asking To make it possible to save it from bankruptcy. For De Salema, if the president himself receives this kind of pressure, what to say or expect from a minister or director? “He asked.

It should be noted that the Attorney General’s Office made public the receipt of Kroll’s audit report the day after, in the early hours of 13 May.

Source: Opais

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The kroll Report

The company Kroll delivered yesterday to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) the report of the international and independent audit for the business of Ematum, ProIndicos and MAM that used foreign bank loans with guarantees issued by the Government. The report came to the PGR late Friday.

PGR informs that it is already carrying out the verification and analysis of the report with a view to assessing compliance with the terms of reference. Revision and translation of the document into the official Portuguese language by Kroll, as well as the delivery of preliminary reports on the level of performance of the audit, were some of the elements of the terms of reference.

The institution headed by Beatriz Buchili, however, says that after completing the analysis will share with the public the document delivered by Kroll, with the safeguard of the secrecy of justice, since the process of the audit is in preparatory instruction.

According to PGR, the audit seeks to assess the existence of criminal and other infractions in the process of setting up, financing and operating companies, Ematum, ProIndicos and MAM.

The international and independent audit arising from an agreement between the Mozambican Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was requested by the Attorney General of the Republic of Mozambique and is funded by Sweden.

The work carried out by the auditor includes the analysis of extensive financial information and other available documentation, visits to the offices of the three companies, visits to infrastructures and equipment in various parts of the country, interviews with members of the Government, civil servants and employees of the three companies and others Personalities.

Kroll, a London-based company with 40 years of audit experience, also requested additional information and documents from supplier companies, banks and other institutions, both domestic and foreign, to complete or clarify the documentation provided by the three companies.


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