Mozambique tests magnetite transport by train to the port of Maputo

ressano garcia railway
A magnetite transport train that has been tested on the Ressano Garcia railway since 1 April has made it possible to reduce the number of trucks that arrive daily at the port of Maputo, said Mozambique’s Minister of Transport and Communications.

The train, consisting of 75 wagons of 60 tonnes each, carrying 4,500 tonnes of magnetite per trip “is not only contributing to reducing congestion of National Road Number Four (EN4), but also improves the logistics chain,” said minister Carlos Mesquita.

The introduction of this train, which links South Africa to the port of Maputo, along the Ressano Garcia line, has, so far, reduced the number of trucks on the EN4 by at least 140 per day and 700 per week in one direction, according to daily newspaper Notícias.

At the moment there are five trains per week and increasing their frequency depends on improving conditions of both the line and the port of Maputo itself.

A return to traditional rail cargo, which is currently transported on the road system, allows for improved traffic flow along the EN4, as well as contributing to an increase in revenue collected by state-owned port and rail company CFM through the increased use of Ressano Garcia line.

By the end of the year the port of Maputo is expected to receive about 4 million tonnes of magnetite from the Ressano Garcia line, reversing the current situation where most of the processed cargo is transported by road.

The port of Maputo became even more competitive in regional and international markets, following the recent completion of dredging of the access channel, from 11 to 14 metres deep, allowing access to the port by ships carrying up to 120,000 tonnes.

Source: macauhub

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