Prisoner kidnapped from police car on his way to trial – Downtown Maputo


A group of criminals attacked a Criminal Investigation Police car in Maputo on Monday afternoon and kidnapped a prisoner on his way to trial.

The men who tried to make their attempt, used the car they were transporting to block the PIC car, and masked men armed with AKM guns came out from the vehicle and burst all the tires of the police car.

Then they broke into the back door of the PIC car, and took the prisoner, who was on his way to the court to stand trial.

According to witnesses there were more than 20 shots fired, and the Rua da Imprensa, in downtown Maputo stopped, with people plunging to the ground, not to be caught by a lost bullet.

According to witnesses it looked like a scene from one of those Hollywood movies,

Source: Folha de Maputo

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