Maputo will have another project of five thousand houses

Akay Costruction and Maputo

Another project of five thousand houses is expected to be born soon in the country’s capital. The agreement signed today between Maputo Municipality and Akay Constructions of Turkey establishes that the apartments, which start in September, are distributed in the neighborhoods of Zimpeto, Polana Caniço and Ka-Tembe district.

The goal is to build five thousand, but the demand is that will define the definitive number of apartments. First of all, there must be at least 2 500 candidates, who must, in the second phase, start building the other half. Also according to the level of demand, will be delivered between 500 and 1000 apartments per year, from next year.

The apartments, aimed at the citizens of Maputo, will be accessible to people of at least average income. The price must be below $ 100,000 to be paid in 120 monthly installments, that is, in 10 years. It should be noted that if they cost $ 70,000, according to the wish expressed by David Simango, the total cost of each apartment will be approximately 4,620,000 meticais to the current exchange which corresponds to benefits 38,500 for each month.

The representative of Akay Constructions, Ertan Olgun, calls for reducing tax burdens to make the initiative more flexible. Hence the presence of the vice-president of that city, Ali Goksin, who brought with investors investors in search of opportunities.

Source: O Pais


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