latest Update! Maputo-Katembe Bridge to be completed in December 2017

ponte maputo katembe

MAPUTO – The pillars are already in place and the board is due to start in July, said Silva Magaia, chairman of the Maputo-South Board of Directors, in statements to the Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

According to the person in charge, everything is being done so that the bridge is passable in the last month of 2017, even though there are still work to be done at the time.

The four-lane road traffic tray will have a height of 680 meters above the sea and will be supported by two steel cables with a half-meter diameter.

It is a structure made in China that will be transported by ship to Maputo, divided into 57 pieces, each 12 meters wide and 26 meters long.

Due to the works, some ships may have to postpone entry to the port area to allow certain work to be completed on the bridge or it may happen that the builders have to suspend operations in order to give rise to certain activities in the port.

Source: FM

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