TRAC invests 2 billion meticais to widen stretch between Shoprite da Matola and Maputo city

TRAC Mozambique

TRAC, the concessionaire of EN4, will extend sections 19 and 20, from Shoprite da Matola to Maputo city, from four to six tracks, that is, three on each side. It is a measure that aims to reduce congestion and facilitate mobility in EN4, one of the main exit and entry ports of the city of Maputo. “This year we have two major projects. The first, which has already begun, of the rehabilitation of the Ressano Garcia-Moamba section, and what will begin soon, in the section that leaves from Shoprite to the city of Matola. In this part, we will build a slow track and asphalted berms, widen the bridges (Mulaúze, Maquinag bridge – Pinto Teixeira), build new drainage, place lighting and build a pedestrian bridge at José Macamo Hospital, “said Fenias Mazive, Director of TRAC Maintenance Center, according to which the works will last two years.

For the materialization of the project, work is carried out to study the environmental impact and the resettlement plan, since some housing infrastructure should be removed. Next week, a public consultation will be held on the process of resettlement of families to be covered by the works. “For this project, 56 houses and 16 other infrastructures will be removed to make way for the works. This process will cost us 11.5 million meticais. ”

Money already exists for the execution of this project. “The construction of this stretch is estimated at 2 billion meticais. For the rehabilitation of the Ressano Garcia-Moamba road, which is underway, the budget is 840 million meticais, “he said.

Without advancing numbers, TRAC advances that, in recent times, the company’s revenues have decreased, partly due to the economic crisis in the country. TRAC also criticized some companies that accelerate the degradation of roads, through non-compliance with the stocking established by law.

TRAC is a company that has a 30-year concession. Its initial financing was 3 billion rand, in 1997. It generates 600 km of road, of which 95 km correspond to the section of the Mozambican side. In Mozambique, the concession is divided into five sections, namely: 16, which departs from Ressano Garcia to Moamba (39km); 17, which departs from Moamba to Malhampsene (34km); 18, from Malhampsene to Shoprite (9km); 19, which starts at Shoprite to the toll of Maputo; And 20, from the tollgate to Hospital José Macamo (3km).

TRAC does not deny or confirm REQUIREMENT for compensation for the construction of the Tchumene

In his recent visit to the Ministry of Public Works, the Head of State was informed that the construction works of the Tchumene node were delayed due to lack of understanding between Maputo Sul and Trac. In reaction, Filipe Nyusi said at the time that private interests should not overlap with those of the state. Asked about this, the director of Trac was cautious. “As far as I know, the works at the Tchumene node are underway, if there was a delay, that only Maputo South can respond,” said Fenias Mazive. And on information that TRAC has sought compensation from the state, due to the alleged diversion of traffic from the Tchumene node to the ring road, Fenias Mazive replied in the following terms: “I do not know where this information comes from, Source who provided you with this data can present you with the document in which we ask for such compensation. I can not accept or deny that TRAC has sought compensation. ”

Regarding the controversy over the change in the layout of section 6 of the circular road, which initially had to start from the Machava node and follow parallel to EN4, Mazive neither accepted nor denied having negotiated with Maputo South. “We know our route. If it has been changed, I do not know, so I can not accept or deny it because I have no knowledge, “he said.

Source: Opais

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