INGC assigns business to the company linked to the Minister of Transport

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The National Institute of Disaster Management (Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades, INGC) revealed, via an announcement of 17 February published in Jornal Notícias, that it was contracting, by direct agreement, four companies to provide transportation and cargo services. In the list of contractors, stands out Transportes Carlos Mesquita, Limitada (TCM), a company linked to the current Minister of Transport and Communications.

According to the eighth Bulletin of the Republic (Boletim da República número oito) of 21 February 2007, Minister Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita is one of the nine shareholders of the company TCM, based in Beira (Sofala Province), with a capital of MT2,100,000.

The company was also involved in a contract with the state valued at MT20million, to provide transportation and cargo service in the downtown area.

In the meantime, the Director-General of INGC sees no problem in contracting a company linked to a member of the Council of Ministers, provided that it fulfils the requirements. Osvaldo Machatine said that all companies that responded to INGC’s invitation met the stipulated requirements.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Centre for Public Integrity (Centro de Integridade Pública, CIP) questions as to whether the direct agreement was made in favour of a company linked to a member of the

government. Jurist Rodrigo Rocha considers that it is important to verify if the company TCM has any experience working with the state, since having the Minister as a director cannot, by itself, be considered a violation of the law of public probity.

José Caldeira sees it differently. The jurist recognizes that some managers with business interests delegate their functions whenever they take office in the government. However, Caldeira points out that the law establishes measures to avoid the situation whereby the Minister, although not directly connected to the company, has indirect benefits.

In March of 2015, Minister Mesquita and three other shareholders of the Mesquita family ceded their shares in TCM to Grupo Mesquita, SA. Four other shareholders also transferred their shares to a company called Mespar, Limitada.

With the transfer of quotas, the company Transportes Carlos Mesquita became the shareholders of Grupo Mesquita and the company Mespar, and the group is the majority shareholder. Thus, the current Minister of Transport and Communications became one of the owners of Grupo Mesquita, which, in turn, owns the company Transportes Carlos Mesquita, Lda.

Source: O País

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