Breaking News! Daughter of former president of Mozambique shot dead


Valentina Guebuza, daughter of the former president of Mozambique, Armando Emílio Guebuza, was reportedly shot dead by her husband, Folha de Maputo reports.

According to the same newspaper, the crime occurred in Maputo and Zofimo Muiuane, the main suspect, has already been detained.

Valentina Guebuza will have been hit by four shots. Although still taken to  hospital, she could not resist her injuries and died.

Still according to Folha de Maputo, the couple had made public some disagreements last week.

Source: Lusa

Brief History:

A businessman before he became Head of State, Armando Guebuza did not abandon his portfolio of equities when he took over the presidency. Not long ago the company Intelec Holdings, of which he is a shareholder, took 5% of Vodacom Moçambique in which several other Frelimo big shots have interests (Hermenegildo Gamito, Bruno Morgado and Apolinario Pateguana) just as Emotel which also has ties with Frelimo. Headed by the chairman of the Associação Comercial de Moçambique (ACM), Salimo Amade Abdula, Intelec has stakes in a large number of other firms, including Energia de Moçambique (Enmo) in which the South African company Rural Maintenance Pty Ltd owns a stake (ION 1203). Other members of the President’s family are active in business too.

His daughter Valentina da Luz Guebuza owns a stake in Beira Grain Terminal SA created in January 2007 to operate the cereals terminal in the port of Beira (ION 1209). One of the President’s brothers, Miguel Nhaca Guebuza, has interests in several firms and sits, among other things, on the board of the new sugar company Companhia Açucareira de Moçambique SA, created in April 2007 with Portuguese partners (ION 1215). The families of the principal Frelimo dignitaries act similarly, giving the Mozambican ruling class an air of a set of political-trading dynasties.

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