Mozambique – National energy potential attracts Chilean investment


Chile intends to establish commercial and investment relations with the Mozambican private sector.

Mozambique’s Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) recently met a delegation from Chile which included the country’s South African ambassador Carlos Parker and the director of the African department of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Constanza Beatriz Alegria Pacull.

At the end of the meeting, CTA deputy chairman Agostinho Vuma said that Chile intended to use the CTA as a platform for Mozambique business partnerships.

“We also discussed the need for Chile to have an embassy in Mozambique, instead of just a consulate, to allow greater dynamism in relations between the two countries,” Vuma said.

The source, who took a positive view of the meeting, also stressed that it was aimed at exchanging information for the establishment of trade and investment relationships.

He said that the parties exchanged information on existing business opportunities in both countries, with Chile tabling a package aimed at the internationalizing its companies.

“Political and diplomatic relations are important for trade relations to advance,” said Vuma, adding that Mozambique has arable land and a favourable climate for production, while Chile can lend its experience through partnerships with national business people and producers.

“Chileans are more concerned about participating in gas because they produce on a small scale and have used Guinea as their supplier. They think that this area would be a priority on the one hand as buyers, and on the other, as companies that can bring added value to join us within the local content,” Vuma noted.

For his part, Ambassador Parker stressed the advantages of business cooperation between Mozambique and Chile.

“We have information about the gas and other sectors in which Mozambique has potential. We want to open new lines of relationship between the two countries,” Ambassador Parker said.

Parker announced that his country intends to sign a memorandum of understanding with the CTA to exchange information on business opportunities and experience in various business sectors.

In August, a Chile-Mozambique Business Forum took place in Maputo with the participation of a Chilean business mission led by Hernán Gutiérrez, Director of ProChile for Africa.

Source: Noticias

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