Mozambique approves law requiring wood to be processed in the country


Mozambique’s Parliament on Thursday approved a law prohibiting the export of timber logs and establishing a value added tax, which varies depending on the level of processing carried out in the country, state news agency AIM reported.

One of the articles in the law specifies that the processed wood can be categorized as boards, planks, beams and floor tiles and the value added tax will be 15% for boards and 3% for floors.

The Mozambican government plans with the approval of this law in the National Assembly to create jobs for nationals, increase tax revenues from timber exports, promote the domestic wood processing industry and contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources in the country.

Members also approved the law for the protection, conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, an instrument that obliges public or private entities that explores forest resources to contribute financially to the development of the area where they operate.


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