TDM and MCel merger may take two years; Unregistered SIM cards blocked

TDM Logomcel moz
MCel and TdM merger may take two years  

Given the financial problems experienced by mCel and TdM, the government decided to merge the two companies in a process that may take two years.

The advisor of TdM, Luís Rego, recently said that the two entities are preparing for the next phase.

mCel has guaranteed that it is working towards the merger, but not at the desired speed.

Source: Folha de Maputo


Unregistered SIM cards have been officially blocked  

After several extensions of the deadline for registering all mobile phone numbers, and a year after Cabinet approved decree no. 18/2015, of 28 August, on Thursday 1 December, the National Communications Institute of Mozambique (INCM) officially authorized the complete blocking of all unregistered numbers.

To ensure compliance, the institution will monitor operators from 5 December, and they will be fined if they do not bar calls and messages from unregistered numbers.

The measure also covers improperly registered numbers. “On 5 December, we will consult operators databases, and if contacts are found to be unregistered, mobile operators will be sanctioned”, says INCM Director, Américo Muchanga.

Once the numbers are blocked, the holders must regularize their situation with the operators. Even on Thursday, mobile companies were still registering floods of customers who feared seeing their phones cut off, queuing in fatigue and despair at the slowness of service.

“We’ve dropped work to be here. It’s a great shame what is happening, because they could easily facilitate the process by using social networks where we could send our data”, one of the customers said.

The situation has been exacerbated by the fact that some mobile phone companies have subscribers whose registration has not yet been entered into their databases. Other customers complain about system failures causing them to register their numbers more than once. As Aida Lourenço told reporters:

“This is the third time I have registered my SIM card and every time my number was blocked shortly afterwards”.

Muchanga said that during the registration period, the INCM monitored operators closely through monthly meetings, and provided technical support whenever requested.

Source: O País

International phone calls from Mozambique get their first price hike in a decade

TdM will raise the cost of international calls as from Thursday 1 December.

The tariff readjustment aims to cover the cost of providing the service according to the different destinations to which the calls are directed.

The measure has been taken as the tariff in force was fixed more than a decade ago, a note from the company explains.


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