United States of America to provide more support for the CTA

The ambassador of the United States of America in Mozambique, Dean Pittman, has pledged that the government of his country will continue to provide more support to the Mozambican private sector

in search of a platform aimed at creating a favorable business environment.

Ambassador Pittman traveled to the CTA premises for a courtesy visit in the context of strengthening co-operation between the Mozambican private sector and the US through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In what was his first visit to the CTA as ambassador to Mozambique, the diplomat said that the private sector is essential for the economic development of any country, so “we want to continue to support it”.

“We want to continue working with the CTA and together exchange ideas on how to strengthen the private sector to ensure that the country has a good business environment”, said Ambassador Pittman.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with the CTA management, the ambassador said that the parties discussed where additional work is needed to strengthen the Mozambican economy.

“We have highlighted the tourism and agriculture sectors. But also spoke of peace because, at present, what the country needs most to advance is peace”, said the diplomat.

In turn, the President of CTA, Rogério Manuel, welcomed the initiative of the US ambassador to approach the CTA in order to meet the real challenges of the Mozambican private sector.

He emphasised the role of the US in private sector growth in Mozambique, given that since its inception, the CTA always had the financial support of USAID. Manuel also provided details as to the meeting with the US ambassador: “We explained what the CTA is doing, our thinking on the development of the economy and the difficulties thereof. We talked about some structural sectors of our country, especially agriculture and natural resources, where the US has experience, and we want to learn from them”.

Source: Jornal Notícias

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