Australia’s Mustang Resources discovers more rubies in Cabo Delgado

Australian mining company Mustang Resources announced the discovery of 460 carats of rubies in Montepuez district (Cabo Delgado Province).

This is the first discovery of rubies from the analysis of 2,683-tons of material from the exploration zone of the Alpha deposit. The ruby deposit was discovered in July of this year and 13,000-tons of material has already been collected to be sent to the factory to detect rubies.

The company estimates that each ruby carat will have a value of US$35,900. Mustang Resources said in a statement that it also intends to explore diamonds in a project in the Save River and a graphite project in Balama (Cabo Delgado Province).

Source: MacauHub

Resources should benefit all Mozambicans, including future generations

On Monday 24 October, Mozambique’s newly appointed Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Leticia Deusina da Silva Klemens, said that one of the greatest challenges she faces is to ensure that the country’s natural resources can benefit all Mozambicans, including future generations.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the Association of Mozambican Businesswomen (FEMME), Minister da Silva Klemens she wanted to ensure that the resources “benefit us, as Mozambicans today, and also our children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren”.

She also hoped to expand access to electricity, and insisted that she would work in accordance with the government’s economic and social plan “hoping to carry out successfully this thorny, but achievable, mission that has been entrusted to me”. Minister da Silva Klemens has come under attack in social media for her lack of any experience in government, mining or energy. But she told the gathering that she had risen to become a member of the government “because I am competent”.

She thought that the appointment of a relatively young woman such as herself was a sign of the inclusive nature of the government. “Today I, Leticia Klemens, have been chosen to occupy the position of Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy”, she said. “Tomorrow it could be any one of the women present here, not only because we are women, but because we are competent”.

Before her appointment to the government, Minister da Silva Klemens was chairperson of the general meeting of the country’s largest commercial bank, the Millennium-BIM, and chairperson of FEMME.

Her former colleagues in FEMME lost no time in asking her to discriminate in favour of women. FEMME representative Clotilde Namburete asked the new minister to ensure that at least 30% of the tenders launched by the Ministry are won by businesses headed by women.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Moçambique

João Americo Mpfumo still beavering away in mines

A former commander of Mozambique’s Air Force and dignitary of the ruling Frelimo party, João Americo Mpfumo established a new mining company named Amberon Minerals Mining in Maputo in midOctober.

Highly active in business since he left the Air Force, Mpfumo had already tried his

hand at mining. In 2013 he founded Nan Jiang Mozambique Investment with Chinese national Xiaogang Wang to explore for minerals.

To form Amberon, Mpfumo joined forces with an environment expert, Joaquim Maqueto Langa who owns a number of mining exploration concerns. One is DLM Empreendimentos, which he established with Dimitrios Perrevos, a business partner of Miguel Guebuza, nephew of former president Armando Guebuza. Another is Mono Pri which operates several permits in Manica Province.

Source: Africa Intelligence

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