Oil and gas research in the province of Maputo, Mozambique, due to begin in 2017


British company Delonex Energy, in partnership with the Indian Oil Corporation in 2017 plans to carry out seismic and geophysical surveys of oil and gas in the districts of Marracuene and Manhiça, in Mozambique’s Maputo province said Augusto Mucavele, Research director of the National Oil Institute (INP) told Sunday newspaper Domingo.

The analysis will cover an area of 9,000 square kilometres and cost US$70 million.

The test wells will be used to determine the presence or absence of hydrocarbons in this area of southern Mozambique (Palmeira) and, if satisfactory results are obtained, more investment may be made to determine the amount of gas or oil.

The INP Research director said that it is a large research area “because the level of geological knowledge we have of the area is very limited, which requires studies to be carried out from scratch.”

The Palmeira area is part of a set of six recently awarded blocks under the fifth international tender for hydrocarbon research in Mozambique, including two blocks in Angoche, two in the Zambezi Delta, and one in Pande and Temane.

Italy’s Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI) and US company ExxonMobil, were pre-selected for two areas located off the Angoche district of Nampula province.

In the case of the two areas that are located in the Zambezi Delta, ExxonMobil was pre-selected, in the area of Pande and Temane, Sasol in Inhambane province and Delonex Energy and Indian Oil Corporation in Palmeiras.

source: macauhub

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