Spectrum wins 2D Offshore Mozambique seismic award

Spectrum Geo.jpg

Spectrum Geo has recently been awarded Tender Area 2, which covers the southern Rovuma and northeastern Zambezi basins offshore Mozambique, proposing to undertake a comprehensive long-offset broadband 2D multiclient seismic survey.

The survey will be a variable grid with lines spaced from 10 to 20 km (6 to 12 ft), totaling in excess of 16,000 km (9,942 ft).

The new seismic data will image the subsurface potential in open areas of the southern Rovuma Basin and the western flanks of the Kerimbas Graben, west of the Davie Fracture Zone, revealing the prospectivity in this region for what Spectrum says will be the first time.

Potential targets along the Mozambique margin have already been identified in both structural and stratigraphic settings, following recent studies in the area. These include Cretaceous and Tertiary turbidites and buried canyon plays. The survey will also aim to image the syn-rift structures and Late Cretaceous pro-delta stacked turbidite sequences in the northeast Zambezi Depression. The Zambezi Delta exhibits complex structuration following extensive recent compressional tectonics. Several potential source, reservoir, and seal intervals have already been identified in this area. Play types include onlaps and drapes over basement highs, stratigraphic and structural traps of deepwater slope channel and basin floor fan complexes, lowstand plays (both wedge and pro-delta fan), syn-rift graben hanging wall and footwall plays, and strike slip structural plays.

New 2D data will play a role in understanding the hydrocarbon potential of the area and accelerate exploration activity in what is believed to be an oil-dominated region offshore Mozambique, Spectrum says.

Source: Energy Global

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