Mozambique Oil and Gas – Meet the new senior ENH managers just sworn in by Minister Couto


The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Pedro Couto swore in four new National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH) directors in his office on Friday 2 September.

They are Tavares Martinho, sworn in as administrator for Exploration and Production, Benjamim Chilenge, administrator for Commercial, Jahir Adamo for Administration and Finance and Tania Comiche Munhequete for Engineering and Development projects.

The appointments seek to inject new momentum into the institution at a time when the country has several ongoing projects in the hydrocarbon sector. It has been a year since Omar Mitha replaced Nelson Ocuane as chairman of the board at ENH.

The National Hydrocarbon Company is the Mozambican state entity responsible for research, exploration, production and marketing of petroleum products and represents the state in petroleum operations.

Founded in 1981, it has adjusted its business structure to the needs of industry and the national and international market, asserting itself as a business group capable of participating in all oil operations and stages of research, exploitation, production, refining, transportation, storage and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including LNG and GTL, inside and outside the country.

Source: Folha de Maputo

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