The Corporate Business Unit of Vodacom presents to the market IOT solutions


Continuing its work of providing companies with telecommunications services converge increasingly competitive, flexible and adapted, the unit of Corporate Business of Vodacom recently presented the service Time & Attendance, a technological solution inserted into the new paradigm of IoT – Internet of Things using the technology M2M (Machine-to-Machine), which will enable companies to manage the time and the movement of its teams on the ground. This solution responds to the growing need of managing the teams and the fleet of businesses in real time, optimizing costs, resources and offering better customer service, which in global terms translates into more efficiency, increased productivity and greater profits for the companies.

We’re changing telecommunications market paradigm in Mozambique. The bet is on technology and innovation as we position ourselves less as just a mobile communications operator and more so as a more outreaching operator providing integrated services.

Besides being market leaders, we are also innovation leaders, bringing a set of high tech telecommunications solutions to the Mozambican market. A real example being the growing investment in the IoT – Internet of Things- solutions- using M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions.

The IoT solutions allows companies to remotely connect to its devices for a specific purpose or process, provided that these are connected to the internet with the right technological solution, enabling the collection of data to perform a specific task. As such, it’s important that companies are connected to an operator with vast knowledge in the field and this where Vodacom’s competitive advantage lies.

We’re continuously investing in the expansion of our EnterpriseCorporate market offering with flexible solutions, adjusted to the business needs, of people and companies. It’s in this context that we bring an innovative IoT solution to our market designated Time & Attendance which shall be presented to the market today.

This solution will enable companies to remotely manage work forces on the field in real time, thus, optimizing costs, resources and offering better services to its client’s which in general terms, shall translate into greater efficiency, more productivity and more revenue to companies. Time & Attendance has three distinct packages to cater for specific business needs.

The EService GPS which will enable the sharing of information with field teams such as tasks to be performed, clients and their location, task progress, utilized resources or even doubts and questions, thus allowing for a more effective time and team management based on speedy responses and proximity of competencies to cater for needed resolutions with an added advantage of invoicing as soon as the task has been concluded.

Timecard GPS will allow for the real time tracking of location, timings and team behavior in real time, managing the work time and movements while reporting such data to the company’s management.

Another available package will be the Timecard GPS Lite, which is a simpler solution which enables companies to track location of their teams anytime, anywhere.

“Our offer to the corporate market is increasingly extensive, but also more flexible and tailored to the needs of business, businesses and people. The Service Time & Attendance is one such example. In addition to Give Company’s greater ability to manage the time and location of your teams in the field, it also allows to manage their fleets and collect information that will contribute to increase the satisfaction of customers and to better allocate resources. In the final analysis, optimizes the efficiency, productivity and management control of the business, through the package that best suits your needs, from among the three available.

This solution is one of several that present in the field of technology based on the cloud and in technology M2M (Machine-to-Machine), and that will make us less and less a company just for mobile communications, to be increasingly a company of converged services for telecommunications,” said José Correia Mendes, Executive Director of Business Unit (EBU) of Vodacom.

As you can see, our solutions are more so integrated, flexible and adjustable to each company and business needs.

We are changing the telecommunications paradigm and thriving today for the future of Mozambique and that’s something we should take pride in.


Tudo Bom Pra Ti!

Source: Vodacom Moçambique


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