Latest News from Sasol Mozambique

Sasol fails to comply with government recommendations

The South African multinational Sasol, which explores the Temane and Pande gas fields in Inhambane Province, has failed to comply with the government’s recommendation that at least 95% of employees stationed at the processing plant must be Mozambican nationals.

A deadline was set for the end of 2015; however, Sasol failed to meet the deadline and the number of foreign workers currently constitutes 15% of the company’s workforce in Mozambique.

Sasol’s resident Director-General, Mateus Zimba, said that the process is a delicate one; however, he assured the media that efforts continue in order to achieve the recommendations set out by the government.

Zimba explained that the experience and competence of the local workforce remains a problem, and is proving to be an obstacle in achieving the government’s target.

Source: Folha de Maputo

Sasol backs Mozambican entrepreneurs

On Tuesday 28 June, Sasol launched a local content programme in Maputo with an open day for representatives of more than 250 local companies, and both current and potential suppliers.

“We are focusing on local content, because we recognise that the promotion and development of entrepreneurs is one of the most effective ways to stimulate economic growth, transformation and job creation in communities near our areas of operations”, Sasol’s vice-president of public relations, international exploration and production, Nompilo Morafo, said in a statement.

Morafo explained that, with the company’s expansion in Mozambique, Sasol foresees greater demand for goods, services and skills. “Besides, it is always good for Sasol to work with local suppliers who can deliver quality on time”, he said.

According to Morafo, Sasol aims, by lending particular importance to local content development through the empowerment of people and local businesses, to support the long-term development of the hydrocarbon sector in Mozambique.

“We intend to build local capacity where we can, through education, knowledge and skills transfer, so that Mozambicans can benefit from the development of natural resources”, he said.

The goal of Sasol’s local content strategy is the development of suppliers and training of local businesses so that they can create jobs and provide a wide range of goods, services and skills to meet the standards not only of Sasol but also of other international companies in the oil and gas sector.

Source: Rádio Moçambique

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