United States of America wants forensic audit of Mozambican debt

The United States ambassador to Mozambique, Dean Pittman, has called for an independent forensic audit of the accounts of the Mozambican State, in order to assess the causes of the current public debt crisis.

This demand for a forensic audit is similar to that made by the British High Commissioner, Joanna Kuenssburg, on Wednesday 8 June.

But Ambassador Pittman also praised the steps taken by the government to reveal details of the public debt, particularly by debating the matter on Wednesday and Thursday in the National Assembly. Ambassador Pittman was speaking to reporters in Maputo on Friday 10 June, after an audience granted by President Filipe Nyusi.

“As for the debt, the first steps taken by the government this week are good. But it’s just the beginning because the trust of the international community is low and the government has to increase its credibility. Hence an independent forensic audit is needed so that we know exactly what happened, and what to do henceforth”, said the ambassador.

He said that the meeting with President Nyusi dealt specifically with the current political situation in Mozambique and security matters. The ambassador, invoking the “historic” co-operation and friendship between the two countries, said that the US is “completely willing” to support Mozambique in matters of peace and security.

Also on Friday, President Nyusi granted an audience to the ambassador of the European Union, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, and again the political and economic situation of Mozambique was at the centre of their discussions. Asked whether the 24 fishing boats of Ematum are now fully compliant with European Union specifications, Ambassador von Burgsdorff said that this matter was not addressed in his discussions with the President.

He reiterated that the EU and other donors are pondering whether to resume direct support for the Mozambican State Budget, which was suspended in April, because of the undeclared, government-guaranteed loans contracted by the companies Proindicus and MAM. The guarantees granted to Proindicus, MAM and Ematum added over US$2-billion to Mozambique’s foreign debt, pushing the total to US$9.89-billion.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Moçambique
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