Armando Guebuza wants his own airline


The firm Intelec Holdings teamed up in late April with the South African company Legend Aviation to create the airline Linhas Aéreas do Zambeze, which specialise in transporting passengers and freight as well as in aerial mapping and helicopter flights.

Intelec is minority owned by the former President of Mozambique, Armando Guebuza, and is run by Salimo Amad Abdula, renowned in Maputo to be a front man for the former head of state’s commercial interests. Intelec’s Director General, Haje Amade Pedreiro, personally supervised the agreement.

Since March, he has also been the chairman of the board of Electrotec, another of Guebuza’s many companies. For its part, Legend Aviation is a subsidiary of the Durban-based company King Shaka Aviation which provides a variety of air services. It is owned by Vincent Christoforos and Russell Ashley-Cooper. The airline industry is on the rise in Mozambique, where companies in the sector are multiplying fast.

Linhas Aéreas do Zambeze is 40% owned by Intelec and 60% by Legend Aviation.


Source: Africa Intelligence
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