Locations fixed for Maputo Ring Road’s five tollgates


The Maputo-South Development Company, the public company in charge of the construction of the Maputo Ring Road, has decided on the locations for the project’s tollgates.

The first tollgate will be located at Casa Jovem, covering the section between Baixa and Marracuene. The second will be close to the bridge over the railway line on the Marracuene to Chiango section.

The company’s chairman, Silva Magaia, told the Sunday newspaper “Domingo” that these two tollgates will act in a complementary fashion. Thus, customers travelling between Marracuene and the city centre will only need to pay once to use both sections – a process made easier through the use of an “e-tag”.

The third gate will be near the Police Science Academy (ACIPOL) on the Marracuene to Zimpeto section. The fourth, which covers the Zimpeto to Tchumene section, will be located in the neighbourhood of Matola-Gare at the junction with the EN4 highway to Witbank.

A fifth tollgate is to be built to cover the new bridge over the Incomati River at Macaneta in Marracuene.

According to Magaia, the Macaneta tollgate will be the first to be opened, followed by the ones situated at Casa Jovem and ACIPOL. He expected these to be open by December.

He added that the company had set the proposed tariffs, which must be submitted to the government for approval. Traffic is already using most of the ring road and the lack of tollgates is costing the company over a million meticais (about 18,000 US dollars) per day.

Magaia stated that ninety per cent of the project has been completed. The main construction tasks left are the bridge over the railway line at Matola-Gare and the intersection with the EN4 at Tchumene.

Construction of the ring road is budgeted at 315 million US dollars, of which 300 million dollars comes from a loan from the Chinese government with the rest coming from the Mozambican state.

Source: AIM
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