Two Renamo headquarters burned down in Chimoio, Mozambique

Afonso Dhlakama-1

A group of unknown individuals set fire on Monday (April 18) to two Renamo headquarters in Chimoio, capital of Manica province, stealing money and IT equipment belonging to the opposition movement.

The group arrived at dawn at a Renamo’s headquarters located in Chimoio’s Soalpo neighbourhood, a party stronghold, they beat up the security guard, broke down the door and set the building on fire using gasoline. The doors and widows were left totally destroyed, the ceiling partially caught fire, reports Voa Portugues.

Half an hour later, the same group, composed of two people transported in a light vehicle, “broke in the doors of Renamo’s provincial headquarters, located in Chimoio city centre and set fire to the offices of the provincial delegate and to the office of administration and finance” said Sofrimento Matequenha, Renamo political delegate in Manica province and a member of parliament . “They got there ( to the provincial delegation) at 2 a.m., broke in the door, broke into my office, set it on fire. They left, they went into the office of administration and finance and set fire;” said Matequenha.

Matequenha also revealed that the group stole 350,000 meticais (around US$677) which were destined for the subsidies of the workers of the headquarters, two computers, a stereo and an institutional file.

The provincial headquarters of Renamo is located between a police station and a bank, the latter guarded by both their private security and policemen assigned to protect the place. this has raised questions from Renamo about the incident. “There is police there, security guards, there. How could they let them go in, do their work there and leave two hours later at 4 a.m.? They say that they left at 4 a.m. . They were there for two hours.”

“We attribute the responsibility of this to the government of Frelimo, who sends these people to make hooliganism” accused Sofrimento Matequenha, stressing the time frame of the two operations and the complicit silence of the two neighbouring institutions in the city centre.

The police did not mention the incident in its usual Monday press briefing.

In March, the protocol vehicle of Afonso Dhlakama, the only one that had escaped the ambush against the Renamo leader in Zimpinga in September last year, was set on fire inside the political delegate’s garage in Chimoio, to where it had been sent after long months in the police reserve command.

Source: Voa Portugues

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