Breaking News! Renamo digs hole, cuts traffic on national road 7 in Manica, Mozambique – Police


The Provincial Police Commander of the Police of of the Republic of Mozambique in Manica, Armando  Mude, had confirmed the fact earlier on Sunday to Canalmoz, attributing the action to armed Renamo men who reportedly  dug a 50 cm deep. 1 metre wide hole in the road.

According to Armando Mude, at least three vehicles, two of which trucks, were burned.  One of the trucks was heading for the port of Beira and the other on its way to Chimoio,  loaded with gas cylinders. O País adds that one person was injured.

Armando Mude said that the action of the Renamo men had the collaboration of the population of that area that would have helped them dig the hole in the road. Canalmoz reports that he said that there were no casualties or arrests, while traffic remains interrupted.


“They mobilized the population overnight to open the hole. It is very deep. The vehicles cannot pass. This morning at dawn, they burned two trucks with trailers. Hours later they opened fire over a car. So there is a total of three burnt cars, ” the PRM provincial commander told AIM, cited by independent newspaper O País, adding that the Defence and Security Forces (FDS) are on the ground to ensure safety while waiting for the road works to restore traffic on the road  linking Manica and Tete provinces.

Because of the crater, dozens of cars were trapped in the villages of Catandica and Vanduzi.

Meanwhile, roads technicians have been deployed to the to  cover the hole.

It is estimated that over 300  cargo trucks and other passenger vehicles pass daily through that road on their way to the interland countries. Most of these cargo vehicles leave from the port of Beira, Sofala, adds O País.

Still according to Canalmoz, there are “reports” that the Nhangale bridge would have been destroyed.

Source: Canalmoz / O País

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