Mozambique scores zero for fighting public corruption


A report on corruption in Mozambique’s business environment has given the country a score of zero out of 100 for its enforcement of laws prohibiting the bribery of public officials, and argues that Mozambican businesses have little incentive to promote transparency thanks to historically close links with the government.

The Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) assessment was produced by the Centro de Integridade Publica (CIP), as the Mozambique chapter of global anti-corruption network Transparency International, which co-ordinates BICA assessments worldwide.

The report says Mozambique has generally strong rules prohibiting bribery of public officials, but there is “no evidence of effectiveness” of implementing the rules.

The CIP-authored report also highlights the lack of incentive to address opaque business practises in the country because much of Mozambique’s business sector continues to benefit from close links to politicians.

“A substantial number of successful companies today have enjoyed privileged access to the public sector supply chain, due to their political connections,” the report says. “As a result, incentives to promote public integrity… are fairly limited.”

Public tendering also comes in for scrutiny in the report. “Contracting units in public agencies involve officials who are also engaged in planning and even decision-making on public expenditure,” the report says, adding that “there are deficiencies in the drafting of sound bidding documents, such as technical specifications for the procurement of goods and services.”

While the public sector does have strong laws prohibiting corruption, they are not enforced, the business sector has on the whole “not adopted international corporate integrity standards”.

The Commercial, Industrial and Services Association (ACIS) has had a Code of Business Conduct since 2005, the report says, but its members are not required to sign it. The other main business association, the CTA is preparing a Code of Business Conduct to be approved by its board, the report’s authors found in October 2015.

sources: Zitamar News
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