Mozambique ‘not consulted’ over Swaziland cross-border canal

Indian Ocean coastline in Mozambique, has not consulted Mozambique over an ambitious project to build a shipping port worth $2.5billion from Mlawula directly to the Indian Ocean coastline in Mozambique, a senior official said on Sunday.Foreign Affairs andIndian Ocean coastline in Mozambique, revealed that the government in Mbabane has not spoken to the Mlawula.

He described it as a tall order for the Mozambicans to sacrifice a portion of land for the project.

A Mozambican national daily recently criticised the proposed project, saying the targeted land was steep when goods are better transported on a flat terrain.

The aim of the project is to use the 30-metre deep canal to transport crude oil to Swaziland where a processing plant to produce such fuels as petrol, oil and gas will be constructed.

The project pioneers are businessmen Moses Motsa and South Africa’s Mark Andrade who both have own shares at Gas and Oil Refinery Industries in Swaziland.

“We know that the project encroaches on foreign land but we will engage the Mozambican government with the help of our government,” Motsa told the local media.

source: APA

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