Maputo’s new fish market? No ice, no water



A faulty ice-making machine and cold-storage rooms and a deficient water supply system are some of the inconveniences besetting vendors at Maputo’s new fish market, Mayor Davis admitted at the opening of the municipal assembly session.

Simango said that works was underway to provide services essential for the full operation of the market, and that a Japanese consultant would be at the market for three months to monitor the situation.

“Unfortunately, we are still experiencing some constraints with the ice-making machine and the cold-storage rooms. Right now we’re having to use the ice factory in Maputo Port to preserve products,” he said.

In addition, the water supplied by the public utility is not sufficient for demand. The municipality is increasing capacity and using private suppliers to minimize the problem in the interim.

“We are currently working with Aguas de Maputo to find a solution to the lack of water, and using tankers whenever water runs out in the holding tanks,” Simango added.

Opened last December, the new Fish Market consists of a main building with 100 stalls, parking space for 100 cars and six food courts of 50 tables each with a capacity to serve 1,200 people simultaneously.

The infrastructure also has banking services, freezers, and ice-making machine, fish processing areas, public health and waste water treatment facilities and 43 kiosks, distributed to sellers on the basis of the amount of space they occupied at the previous market.

Valued at about US$10 million, the infrastructure was built in a partnership between the governments of Mozambique and Japan, through the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation.

Source: Notícias

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