Mozambican recruitment company launches anti-corruption campaign


(2016-01-25) Recruitment company CONTACT has launched an Anti-Corruption Campaign in order to warn candidates for job openings and the general public against situations where money is requested in exchange for a job vacancy.

With the motto “Vaga Não Se Paga” (Vacancies Are Not Paid For) Contact plans to encourage people to report irregularities that have been brought to their knowledge and to raise awareness of how to act when faced with such situations.

The campaign clearly states: In Contact, as required by law, no published job opportunity entails any cost for applicants.

This campaign comes from the need to raise awareness of the rights of candidates for job openings and to encourage the public to protect their interests by exposing such irregularities as requests for payment in exchange for a job vacancy, and explains how to report these irregularities through the appropriate channels.

At the same time, CONTACT explains that being given a job application in response to an advertisement or registration, in the database, is only a guarantee to any candidate that their application will be submitted, but that at no time does it mean that the job interview or the job itself is guaranteed.

The company further states that it does not discriminate, its selection process is fair as they adhere to set criteria relevant to each vacancy and as outlined by the prospective employer (CONTACT’s customer).

Source: Notícias

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