Mozambique receives six billion dollars in U.S. aid over past 30 years

(2015-12-29) The U.S. has given Mozambique about six billion dollars in aid over the past 30 years, according to a letter sent by the outgoing American ambassador Douglas Griffiths to the AIM news agency.

The money has funded initiatives in the health, education, agriculture and business environment sectors.

“The United States wants only the best for Mozambique, because we firmly believe that the success of one country benefits all others,” Griffiths writes.

“By supporting health programs, education, agriculture and the business climate, we have invested in the people of Mozambique.”

Griffiths noted that Mozambique was one of the most successful countries in meeting the millennium development goals, particularly in increasing child survival. The U.S. diplomat however said the country needs to focus more on policies to boost the economy and foster job creation.

“And that means making openings for the next generation. Hundreds of thousands of young people enter the job market every year. This is an opportunity for the country,” the message reads.

Democracy is difficult, Griffiths writes, but the struggle is worth it.

“Policies should ensure that benefits reach the many and not just the few, and opt for transparency that will ensure the wise use of the benefits of future investments,” he writes.

Opening up the economy is a surer way to economic success than complicated, excessive and costly regulations.
“Economic success should focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, young entrepreneurs and foreign companies,” Griffiths writes.

In the message, Griffiths quotes President Nyusi who, when he took office in January of this year, said: “Good ideas do not wear partisan colours.”

An explicit effort is needed to ensure that the country works for everybody, says Griffiths, stressing that Mozambique will benefit most when its diversity is engaged in its battle to succeed.

“All these voices are important. The success of Mozambique will be born of the sum of its parts,” he writes.

In his farewell message, the outgoing ambassador takes the opportunity to say goodbye and thank the people of Mozambique, emphasising that the country’s economic uncertainty and political challenges should not be underestimated.

“Your future is conditional on honesty in recognizing the challenge of including all elements of Mozambican society in the search for solutions, and being open to the next generation,” he writes.

source: Aim
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