New Industrial Property Code approved

Industrial Property Code_Intellectual Property

(2015-12-23) The Council of Ministers today approved the new Industrial Property Code, an instrument that aims to regulate Mozambique’s legal regime for the registration and protection of intellectual property, including patents for inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, and so on.

Speaking at the end of the 45th ordinary session of the Cabinet, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Max Tonela, explained that, as a member state of the Regional Industrial Property Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization, it was necessary to harmonize the intellectual property framework in Mozambique at an international level.

The new legal framework will improve the business environment in the country by facilitating legal record processing, protecting and encouraging technological innovation in Mozambique and replacing existing regulations which provided only for recourse to litigation.

Small businesses will benefit from the simplification of procedures for registration and the submission of documents to establish intellectual property rights and the introduction of simpler mechanisms for redress in case of infringement. Non-profit organizations will from now on be exempt from all fees for the registration and protection of their rights, Tonela said.

The minister also said that the official gazetting for the establishment of intellectual property rights will now occur on a monthly rather than bimonthly basis.

Source: AIM


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