Nampula Governor Pledges To Blacklist Corrupt Contractors – Mozambique


(2015-11-12) Nampula provincial governor Victor Borges has warned that contractors who win tenders by corrupt means will be struck from the list of contractors eligible to bid for government contracts.

Speaking at a meeting with the Nampula Association of Contractors, Borges said that, as from 2016, dishonest contractors, who pay illicit commissions to obtain contracts, and then deliver sub-standard work, will not be given any further work by the provincial government.

He warned that corruption in public works will be investigated, and criminal proceedings will be initiated against suspects.

The chairperson of the association, Uneiza Issufo, agreed with Borges that changes must be made – but insisted that they should start with the officials who demand commissions and not with the contractors. “This is a huge machine, and it must be cleaned up immediately”, she said.

Source: AIM

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