CFM and Cornelder Fund Dredging of Quelimane Port – Mozambique

port of Nacala

(2015-10-26) A six-month dredging operation starts today in the port of Quelimane, Zambezia, intended to remove sediment to a depth of five meters and improve navigability in the access channel, manoeuvring basin and berth.

The work is being financed by the Naval Ports and Railways Company (CFM) in partnership with Cornelder of Mozambique in compliance with the resolutions of the 33rd Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Transport and Communications held in June in Vilankulo, Inhambane.

The port of Quelimane has not been dredged for five years, resulting in severe navigation difficulties, but several dredgers are available to take on the task, including the Emodraga Macuti, based in Beira, with a capacity of 2,500 cubic meters, the Aruângwa and Alcantra Santos with a thousand cubic meters each, plus two draguetas, Tembe and Lúrio.

Draft at the port of Maputo is satisfactory, having been dredged to 14 meters, while the Port of Beira, which is tidal, has loading berth and access channels draft averaging a satisfactory eight meters.

Because of Púnguè river sediment load, the annual dredging quota at the port of Beira is set at 2.5 million cubic meters, with the Emodraga having reached 1.25 million cubic meters in the last six months.

The 22 buoys installed along the access channel at Beira are maintained fortnightly, with the Macúti curve the focus of emergency dredging between June 2010 and June 2011, went its depth fell to between three and four meters. Beira port can now accept vessels of 60,000 GRT, up from the previous 30,000 GRT, 24 hours a day.

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