List of Current and Future Projects for Gal Despachos Aduaneiros Custom clearing in Mozambique for 2017

Hello My fellow Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you once more for your continue support and I hope we can continue to move forward as we look ahead to 2017. I wanted to share with you all where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

Current Projects:We have been the leader in Mozambique when it comes to the Oil & Gas, Coal, Graphite and Iron Ore Sector. I wanted to share our latest company current and future project.
Inhambane Province – We are currently preparing exemption under Category K for the Oil & Gas client of over 600 containers and abnormal cargo that will continue until February of next year. We are working in conjunction with the logistic partner to make sure we stay on schedule to avoid extra cost and delays to our client. We are handling many invoices & packing list, contract requirements and port challenges.

Palma – We have been selected as the custom clearing for several major supplier in the Oil & Gas sector to assist with the expansion phase for housing covering the Pemba, Afundi and Palma.  We have met with custom official to discuss these major development to facilitate this turn key project.


Numpula Province – We have been selected as the clearing agent by a major international truck manufacture to handle ongoing clearing for large number of new truck imported sold to various clients in Mozambique. They have plans to eventually start providing all parts and repairs services to there customer base. Our objective is to continue to provide our services covering future expansion into the other provinces.

Future Project in current negotiation:

Ressano Garcia/KM4 – We are currently processing clearing at KM4, but started construction work to prepare our 1 hectare of land next to customs to house our permanent custom clearing office.  We will also built 6 additional offices and warehouses for our current clients and new ones.

Palma – We are preparing our land to built our custom clearing office to prepare for the upcoming Oil & Gas projects starting first quarter of 2017. We are proactive in planning and anticipating the needs of our current and new companies that will need custom clearing depending the entry port or Pemba, Mocimba da Plaia or Palma.

Stay tune for more news! contact us at info@galclearing for more information.

Previous Project:

Prepared work with a European company that  delivered around 100 pieces of various construction equipment to the Province of  Sofala.  The equipment came ranges  from small portable generators up to huge Cat D9 and D11 dozers, Cat 365 excavators, etc. Also did preparation of work for an oil and gas drill rig of 2000 meter drilling capacity for onshore concession area. Millions of dollar drill rig, support equipment and 5000 meter of drill pipe.We dealt with plenty of dirt roads and a wide river crossing.

Cabo Delgado Province: We custom cleared 200+ Full Container Loads (FCL) containers and abnormal equipments for the Oil & Gas. We prepared and got approval for exemption in avoiding delays and extra cost to our customers.

Monte Puez – We have for some time continue to clear and assisting Graphite companies in Mozambique with temporary and permanent custom clearing for large volumes of construction and moving equipment.

Maputo Province – We have been selected to handle custom clearing by several of the major logistics operation in Mozambique, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, Germany and United State of America.

Tete Province – We have done difficult re-exportation for the mining companies due to necessary repairs for machinery, speak to custom officials to make sure all process are in accordance with custom regulations.

 Main Office – Maputo

Rua Robati Carlos nº83, 2 floor nº6
Maputo – Mozambique
Tel: +258 21 30 18 73
Office Cel: +258 84 77 25 893

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