Turkish group builds cement plant in Maputo, Mozambique


(2015-10-08) Limak Holding enters to Africa from Mozambique.The company has broke ground its new cement plant with 2 million tons capacity in capital Maputo.Ivory Coast will be the next station of the company in Africa.

The company has broke ground its new cement plant with 2 million tons capacity annual in capital Maputo that shown great attention by Turkish construction and infrastructure companies.

“We have kept track of African market for a long time.We decided to invest in Mozambique.Now we launched to new investment worth $40 million in the first phase.We expect to complete in the first quarter of 2016.According to the demand, we could raise our investment to $150 million.” said Serdar Bacaksız, Limak Holdng board member.

“Cement demand increases rapidly in Mozambique and production is very low in the country.Incentives are very attractive for the foreign investors in Mozambique.There needs to invest in every space in Mozambique.” he added.

Serdar Bacaksız also said that they were get ready for the new cement investment in Ivory Coast with $55 million cost.”We are planning to open in 2016″ he added.

Source: Emlak Coulisse

Photo: Emlak Coulisse
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