Breaking News: “This is not protection, it’s house arrest” – Daviz Simango reacts to siege on Dhlakama – Beira Mozambique


(2015-10-09) The president of the Municipal Council of Beira, Daviz Simango, has just come out of the residence of Afonso Dhlakama, where he went to become aware of the situation. At his departure, the Mayor of Beira told Canalmoz that this situation is “unacceptable”. Read his response in full, as quoted by Canalmoz, below:

“The residents of Beira are frightened and worried and in a bad mood due to what is happening.

I was able to talk to the Bishop of Beira and to one of the mediators. They say they are trying to negotiate. They did not tell me the details.

My position was to try to understand what is happening and how we can help avoid the worst.

We understand that our fellow citizens should have free movement. It is strange this situation taking place today, in a democratic rule of law. Especially strange because yesterday the leader of Renamo came out of the woods and was accompanied to his residence.

And today he is surrounded.

The idea of disarming Renamo in the city, in itself, is a very dangerous idea. This is a trauma that goes on with the children, with the leader of Renamo’s neighbours… And this is not good for our democracy.

We expect common sense and that the police leaves. This is our intention. No one should stay here garnishing anyone.

What is happening now is not protection. It is house arrest. And that cannot happen.

I wanted to come here and then communicate with the Head of State.

I could have been her at the early hours today but the situation was dangerous.

And we, as politicians, nobody would ensure us the necessary security when there was a shooting.

This should not be accepted. This is a house arrest. No Court order. Nor from the Public Prosecutor. I have found nothing of the kind inside.

The police is not allowed to do as it pleases just because it hs received a command. The question is: a command from whom and for what?

Disarm the Renamo men by force is no solution.

We insist that this situation cannot be dealt with by force.

This is a situation of mutual understanding and we have to bring down the arrogance levels. It is arrogance that originates situations like this that we are watching.

Trust has been broken.

We continue to say that a dialogue one on one is not healthy. It does not produce witnesses.” (sic)

Source: Canalmoz

Photo: File / Daviz Simango
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