3 guns allegedly used against him in ambush + 16 from his guards – Dhlakama, Beira, Mozambique


(2015-10-09) On Canalmoz live reports from Beira, the latest news on the situation at the Renamo leader’s house siege are as follows: “We are inside the residence of Afonso Dhlakama. Dhlakama has just told the press that he was surrounded because FIR (Força de Intervenção Rápida, special ops police) wanted to recover three weapons lost during the attempted murder on September 25 in Zimpinga, Manica province.

Dhlakama gave these three weapons.

Dhlakama also handed over 16 weapons that were in possession of his bodyguard.

Dhlakama demands that his men who were arrested in the morning are set free, adds the same source.

At this time, the mediators, including the Bishop of Beira and Quelimane Mayor Manuel de Araujo, are signing the delivery receipt on the 16 Renamo weapons being delivered to the Government, in presence of the governor of Sofala Helena Taipo.

Speaking to the press, Dhlakama says that he does not want to be protected by the FIR nor by Mozambican police officers because he has tried it in the past and there were only problems.

“I want them to leave my house because they have already taken the three weapons that attacked me and 16 more of our guards,” Dhlakama said, quoted by Canalmoz.

According to the online newsfeed, a mediator and a FIR agent will start to search the house of Afonso Dhlakama to see if there are still more weapons within moments.

Source: Canalmoz

Photo: Canalmoz / Afonso Dhlakama between Renamo PM Ivone Soares (left) and Sofala governor Helena Taipo, inside his residence in Beira moments ago
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