Twenty Italian companies on their way to Mozambique


(2015-09-28) At least 20 Italian entrepreneurs representing suppliers of agricultural machinery and producers of building materials, furniture and renewable energy components will visit Mozambique soon to explore the possibility of partnering with national small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

These entrepreneurs, who run some of Italy’s most prestigious SMEs, expressed their interest during a seminar on the economic potential of Mozambique in Milan, Italy, where the EXPO-2015 is currently taking place. The event had as keynote speakers the Minister of Agriculture and GAZEDA), Danilo Nalá, the deputy director of the Investment Promotion Centre (CPI), Godinho Alves, and the Director of the Office for Economic Areas with Accelerated Development (GAZEDA), Danilo Nalá, all of whom detailed the many opportunities for investment in Mozambique.

About 200 business people from Italy and other European countries attended the seminar, which formed part of the Milan world fair themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for the Future”.

Minister José Pacheco, who traveled to Milan to direct ceremonies commemorating Mozambique Day on September 25, stressed the government’s commitment to increasing public and private investments so as to raise production and productivity and generate employment and income for rural families.

The CPI’s Godinho Alves also spoke about agriculture, telling European entrepreneurs that it is a sector with enormous potential and citing the availability of water and land and factors such as the country’s many regional mezo-climates and agro-ecological conditions enabling it to “produce any crop all year round”.

Agriculture employs about 80 percent of the working population in Mozambique and contributes in about 25 percent to the gross domestic product (GDP), amounting to over 535 billion meticais, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Alves also told Italian and European entrepreneurs about other Mozambican sectors with great investment potential, naming infrastructure, tourism and upstream and downstream projects linked to gas and coal, the latest and largest economic focus in the country.

Interviewed by Notícias, the head of the CPI revealed that many Italian companies have expressed their intention of investing in Mozambique. Alves cited 47 projects approved in the last five years, with an estimated value of over US$200 million, excluding the oil and gas sector.

“We can safely say that there are many Italian SMEs interested in establishing partnerships with Mozambican counterparts, thanks in part to the excellent results of the many Italian trade missions to Mozambique. At least five trade missions from Italy have visited our country this year alone. We hope that they continue to come,” he said.

Source: Notícias

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