Mozambique’s Cabora Bassa Hydroelectric is not afraid of competition


(2015-09-15) Following the announcement of the construction of more hydroelectric dams providing energy to the countries of southern Africa, Hidroelectrica de Cabora Bassa has said that it does not feel threatened, because there is no forecast of the energy supply to neighboring countries ending.

Southern Africa will soon have several new hydroelectric dams, two of which to be built in neighboring South Africa, forcing a repositioning of Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), which provides electricity to several countries in the region.

However, HCB chairman Paulo Muxanga says that there is no forecast of the end of the utility’s power supply agreements with neighboring countries, that being the reason why he does not feel threatened by the upcoming projects.

“The indication we have is that they intend to continue to buy power from HCB. Even now, while we are discussing the construction of the North Central, there are very strong indications that they intend to continue working with HCB,” said Muxanga, going on to point to Mozambique’s internal market as another solution. “Our country is growing exponentially – and let us not forget that there are other countries, apart from South African, which need energy.”

HCB, with a capacity of 2000 megawatts, is the largest producer of electricity in Mozambique, and supplies 1100MW to South Africa and 400MW to Zimbabwe.

The HCB’s soon-to-be-started Cahora Bassa Norte project, valued at about US$700 million, will increase power generation capacity by 1250 MW and enable it to supply other interested countries on request.

Source: VOA News

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