Mozambique seized 15 tons of semi-precious stones on their way to Tanzania


(2015-07-15) Police in Cabo Delgado have seized a truck transporting 15 tons of garnets from Mozambique’s Ancuabe district, Cabo Delgado northern province to Tanzania.

The truck was seized at the Silva Macua control post on the Namoto border. The driver of the vehicle, a Tanzanian national, was arrested at the scene.

According to police, the truck had been observed previously leaving the mining region of Ancuabe, which raised suspicions. On this occasion it was searched and the 15 tons of stones found.

“At this point in time, the driver is being held at a local police station. We are looking forward to the results of investigations being carried out by a multi-sectoral team including the police, the Directorate of Mineral Resources and Energy and Customs,” said police spokesman Mamade Chaguro, adding that this is the first case involving such large quantities of semi-precious stones.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the owner of the goods is also a Tanzanian citizen, currently at large.

“The illegality is in the manner in which the goods wearer being transported. Two days after the seizure of the stones a document conferring the right to carry such goods was presented, but it is just for transport by sea. This type of license is non-transferable, so its holder may run the risk of being forbidden to conduct business in future due to illegally transferring his licence,” the spokesman also pointed out.

‘O País’ adds that on the Mozambican market garnet stones can fetch between 50 (around US$1.35) and 500 meticais (around US$13.5) a kilogram, depending on quality.

Source: O País

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