Diageo-Mozambique invests US$20 million to increase capacity of Marracuene factory


(2015-07-15) The Mozambican subsidiary of the British drinks company Diageo plans to increase dramatically its production of the alcopop Smirnoff Spin and export it to the rest of the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region.

According to a report in Tuesday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”, the Diageo factory at Marracuene, about 30 kilometres north of Maputo, began to produce Smirnoff Spin in November 2014. Previously the Smirnoff Spin consumed in Mozambique was imported from South Africa.

Diageo announced that, with an investment of over US$20 million, is has increased the capacity of the Marracuene factory to 9,000 bottles of Spin an hour. It made its first exports to other SADC markets in May.

“The challenge facing Diageo-Mozambique now”, said a company press release, “is to position itself in markets beyond the SADC area, so as to compete with other countries”.

Smirnoff Spin is a mixture of vodka and lemonade. The sweetness of the drink attracts people who would recoil from neat vodka. It is five per cent alcohol by volume.

Diageo is currently producing two other drinks in Marracuene in addition to Spin – Gilbey’s gin and Master’s Choice blended whisky.

In Britain Diageo owns such well-known brand names as Guiness, Johnny Walker and Captain Morgan.

Source: AIM

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