Breaking News!! Land Use Rights – Terms & Conditions about to change in Mozambique


(2015-05-28) The granting of Land Use Rights (DUATs) in Mozambique may soon be radically changed, abandoning the current model, which the current Mozambican government finds “extremely decentralized”, reports State-owned ‘Notícias’ today.

The Mozambican Minister of Land, Forestry and Rural Development, who yesterday expressed concern about how the DUAT process takes place, said that it was necessary to clearly redefine who assigns the land use rights, to technically empower the decision-makers, and to prepare land registers and territorial plans in order to safeguard the interests of both the state and the population.

Celso Correia was speaking at the opening of a seminar about the legal nature of land ownership in Mozambique. The minister said that the DUAT allocations must always respect the planned investments, the country’s priorities and the interests of future generations.
Speaking at the two-day event organized by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the holder of one of the new ministries of the country pointed out four challenges facing his institution.

The first has to do with security of tenure, at a time when 90 per cent of just over 25 million Mozambicans occupy the land in the spirit of good faith. In this respect, Celso Correia announced the launch of a programme called ‘Terra Segura’ (‘Safe Land’), which primarily aims to license all land held by the population.

Idle land is the second problem identified. According to the minister, the Ministry has noticed the existence of numerous plots allocated to citizens for certain purposes which, however, are not being used.

Another more mediated angle according to Minister Correia, is the increasing level of conflict, probably due to demographic pressure and a lack of infrastructure and public services.

Celso Correia’s list ends with the problem of obtaining DUAT, which, in the Minister’s view, is mistakenly considered as sale of land.

The seminar, with the participation of public prosecutors, presidents of some municipalities in the country and/or their representatives, international development partners, NGOs and members of civil society, intends, among other things, to understand and analyze the issues of access to land and to strengthen the role of the Attorney General in the fight against property expropriation.

The goals were reaffirmed by the Attorney General in her opening speech, when Buchili said that she expects an improved performance from her office and the reduction in land conflicts, which are currently increasing.

Beatriz Buchili said that it is imperative to change the PGR’s ‘modus operandi’ with respect to issues related to land conflicts, shifting from reactive to preventive action.

Source: Notícias

Photo: File / Minister Celso Correia

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