Nacala based air carrier: ‘MAIS’ joins Portuguese and Mozambican entrepreneurs

Fly Africa, a low-cost company

(2015-05-27) The President of the Civil Aviation Institute of Mozambique (IACM) revealed that it has received applications from three airlines wishing to operate in the airspace of Mozambique, one of which may start operations in September.

Commander João Abreu has explained that two of the companies plan to operate aeroplanes and the third helicopters, the proposals being in their final certification phase, according to the newspaper ‘O País’, the main Mozambican private diary.

The President of the IACM identified two of the three companies: Fly Africa, a low-cost company, based in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, with domestic subsidiaries and operating bases already operating in Zimbabwe and in Namibia, and MAIS – Mozambican Airlines, a company created by Portuguese and Mozambican entrepreneurs with its operational base in the new Nacala International Airport.

If the proposals are approved, the companies will join the Mozambican flagship airline, LAM, which has been operating as a monopoly in the national domestic market, a situation that has been identified as responsible for the high costs of airfares in the country.

Over the past decades, particularly after the independence of Mozambique in 1975, there was a period with only two companies in internal links. The extinct Air Corridor began operating in August 2004, based at Nampula Airport, northern Mozambique, with one Boeing 737-200 aircraft. The company then began to operate two aircraft of the same type, but was eventually abolished in January 2008 for allegedly not meeting basic tenets of aviation safety, as it was announced at the time.

Government approves revised Civil Aviation Law

On Tuesday of last week, May 19, the government of Mozambique approved the proposed revision of the Law of Civil Aviation, which aims to adapt the legal framework to the current situation in the sector and ensure compliance with international standards advocated in the Chicago Convention.

The document, to be submitted to Parliament, seeks to clarify the role, mission, powers and skills of IACM in addition to its relationship with other entities, said the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Ana Comoane.

Source: News Avia

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