Mozambique is African Number 5 in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) – Most of the US$9 billion went to real estate projects


(2015-05-25) Mozambique was the fifth highest African country in terms of number of projects with foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2014. The country went up 67 percent compared with 2013, and is currently ranked fourth in terms of FDI value, having received US$9 billion.

According to the British newspaper which cites the IDF Intelligence, a statistical division of the Financial Times Group, Africa is the world’s region with the highest growth in terms of FDI, with an increase in the number of projects by 6% and in funds by 65% to US$87 billion, compared with a world’s growth of only 1%.

In Mozambique, where the International Monetary Fund estimates a 7% growth this year, US$9 billion in capital investments was received last year, the majority of which was devoted to real estate, a sector driven by the plans to build over a dozen shopping centres by Mozambique was the fifth highest African and by the investment projects of African company Atterbury Property Developments in the cities of Beira, Pemba and Nacala.

According to the reported data, the FDI growth was balanced between the two halves of the continent, with capital investments in North Africa more than doubling from 10 to 26 billion dollars, while sub-Saharan Africa has seen its investment levels rise from 42 to 61 billion dollars.

The channelling of FDI tends to be market-driven, concludes the study cited by the FT, therefore pointing out that the economies which have experienced strong growth last year also received an increase of FDI in volume.

The African continent grew 5% last year and is currently 1.5 points higher than global economic growth. This year, both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank warned of a slowdown in growth to between 4 and 4.5% due to the effects of lower oil prices and the impact of the Ebola crisis, but for next year a recovery to 5% is expected.

Number of projects with FDI in 2014

South Africa 116
Morocco 65
Kenya 57
Egypt 51
Mozambique 50

Source:  FDIntelligence

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